Kitchen Gadgets You Should Not Live Without

If you are someone who loves everything about cooking or baking, there are some kitchen tools that you just should not be without. Being a baker myself, there are definitely some things that I must have in my kitchen but it doesn’t matter whether you are a trained chef, or a home cook. There are still some staples that you should have. Restaurant Supply offers a wide range of items to choose from; you just can’t afford to not be well equip. Let’s look at a few items:

kitchen decor

Kitchen Aid –The most impressive thing about KitchenAid is that they last forever. Back in the early days these mixers were built for industrial use but they have come a long way since then. I own a KitchenAid and it stays on my countertop and is a centerpiece. Its sleek design is bound to get you ooh’s and ahh’s from guests. A KitchenAid can be used to make bread dough, cookie dough, cake batter – even mashed potatoes! The home cook/baker can save money if they go to as they are always having a sale and even have an “easy pay” option where you pay a certain amount each month instead of the entire balance.

Another reason QVC is a great option is because they come in many colors. QVC boasts that you won’t find these colors anywhere else – not even on the KitchenAid website! For more information: and for industrial sized KitchenAids –*-qt.


Sheet Pans – in my opinion this is a kitchen staple that no cook should be without. They are great for baking cookies and cakes and come in two sizes: Full and half pan sizes are available and prices range anywhere from $12 for full size and $8 for half size. See more at:

Parchment Paper – When you think of sheet pans you must think of parchment paper. The two go hand in hand. They are great for easy release and make for easy clean up. They come in rolls or precut sizes and now they are making them in rounds to fit in different sized cake rounds and molds. See more here:

pots and pans

Food Processors – When cooking your meals the most important thing is preparation. The last thing you want to do is add 30 minutes to your cook time because you had to cut vegetables or peel potatoes before you even start on the main course. You can put a whole onion, pepper or carrots (even at the same time) into your food processor and in seconds, have perfect, even slices. Or, you could put cabbage, carrots and celery together to make coleslaw. It is also good for grating cheese and even makes pie dough in a snap. For more:

Pots and Pans – It would not be considered a kitchen if you didn’t have these. Both professional and serious home cooks need to have really good cooking equipment so that they can crank out really good food. I am all for non-stick anything because easy clean up is very important to me. One pan that is naturally nonstick and will last a lifetime is a cast iron pan. In addition, you should have a stockpot, a sauté pan, a fryer (commonly used to fry chicken, make marina sauce), Dutch oven and some good baking sheets (see above). For more: